Updated: Feb 24, 2021


SNOW respects your privacy as a user. You can choose whether to receive personalized advertising from Third-Party Advertising Network on supported devices, and, if you are a California consumer, you can opt-out of the “sale” of your personal information under California law (for more information please refer to Section 3 of our California Consumer Privacy Statement). To do so, follow the steps below depending on your device type.



In iOS version 13 and earlier only, enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting in your iOS settings (precise directions may be different on different iOS versions).

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In the Google Ads settings within your Android settings, toggle the "Opt out of Ads Personalization" switch on (precise directions and name of the switch may be different on different Android versions and OEM Android variants).

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When you have opted out using this setting on a device, advertisers will not use in-app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeted based on your inferred interests. Please note, however, that opting-out will not block general advertisements that are sent at random, and not tied to the perceived interest of the User of a particular device.

You may learn more about personalized and behavioral advertising and how to opt out of this type of advertising from the Digital Advertising Alliance at www.aboutads.info and Networking Advertising Initiative at www.networkadvertising.org/choices/